Dr. Michael Francis, DC is the Chiropractor for Peak Performance, with a focus on both Sports and Auto Injuries.


The History of New Castle County Delaware

New Castle County is the northernmost of three different counties in Delaware, the first official state of the U.S and similar to the state it is in, this county has a vast and rich history. New Castle County is the state’s most populous area with over 500,00 residents and contains the largest city in the […]

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Top Employers in New Castle County Delaware

New Castle County, Delaware is the most populous county in all of Delaware with a population of over 500,000 residents and includes the largest city in Delaware. The largest city in Delaware is Wilmington with over 70,000 residents for itself and is surrounded by the beautiful and surrounding Brandywine Valley. It’s no wonder why so […]

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Things To Do in New Castle County Delaware

New Castle County is a county with a size of 494 mi² and is now considered the most populous county of the entire state with a large population of over 538,479 civilians. If you are coming to visit Delaware, this county is the perfect place to travel to as there is an abundance of different […]

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Can chiropractors help with fertility?

What is Infertility? To correctly understand infertility, it is important to first comprehend what normal fertility is first. When the time comes that a couple considers having a child, or starting a family to be the thing that brings their relationship to the next level, it usually takes about a year or less to achieve […]

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Things To Do in Montchanin Delaware

Northwest of Wilmington and on the intersection of Route 100 and Kirk road, there lies a small village that’s sure to make you feel welcome by the name of Montchanin. Montchanin is an unincorporated community in New Castle County with more than enough of multicultural heritage and vibrant art. Montchanin is full of different pasts […]

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Things To Do in Claymont Delaware

Starting its history centuries ago, the historic city of Claymont is full of fun activities to make your day. While Claymont is small compared to Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware, there isn’t a shortage of fun events and points of interest in Claymont. Claymont has plenty of different restaurants, shops, hotels, and points of […]

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Things To Do in Bellefonte Delaware

With a population of 1,193, Bellefonte is a small town of just 115 acres, but still has plenty of heart. Whether you are just visiting or are becoming a resident and want to know more about this little town, here are some points of interest in Bellefonte, Delaware.  Bellefonte Art Festival Location: 803 Brandywine Boulevard […]

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9 Tips for Choosing A Chiropractor

Like all healthcare providers, it is difficult to find your perfect chiropractor, as some may not fit your needs or may provide a poor experience for you. Although it is difficult to find the chiropractor to fit all of your needs and expectations, this list is made to assist you in finding the right one […]

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5 Things To Avoid Following A Sports Injury

What is the best way to avoid any injuries in the first place? Prevention Obviously, all people that play sports run into a risk of injury, but the best way is to stop an injury before it even happens. Sports injuries can be caused by simple trauma to the body, but can also be caused […]

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10 Rehabilitation Excercises To Do After Your Car Accident

These types of accidents occur millions of times every year, and when they happen are almost always unavoidable. So if you ever find yourself in one of these grave situations, here are some exercises to recover and get on your feet as fast as possible.  NonSpecific Injuries If after recovering, your doctor informs you that […]

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